Acupuncture is the insertion of a needle into the skin on a defined point along a meridian. Pain is the blockage of energy in an area and local and distal points can be used to clear these blockages.

Many people assume that inserting a needle into the skin would generate sharp pain like an injection, but the hair fine sterilised needles, when inserted during a treatment create a little or no pain.

I use ear (auricular) acupuncture within my treatments. The ear is a micro system of a couple of hundred points representing the whole body. Specific points can be stimulated with either small needles or seeds on a plaster and they act like a switchboard to the brain. It is widely used to help people detox and deal with addictions.

I use the wrist and ankle acupuncture microsystems to target more general areas of pain and blockage, whilst supporting the overall treatment.

I use electrical acupuncture (electroacupuncture) whereby I look at symptoms, insert the needles and connect electrodes to two needles and connect that to the machine that has adjustable current and voltage settings. Low voltages and frequencies will be used as the current pulsates, alternating between the two needles.