What to expect in a treatment….

I trained 14 years ago in Acupuncture and Tui Na Chinese Massage, then added electrical acupuncture, microsystems acupuncture, facial/cosmetic acupuncture and more recently abdominal acupuncture. At the same time I trained in Tui Na Chinese Massage. Push-pull techniques use pressure on points all over the body with manipulation of muscles and joints – which is done through clothing. I then trained for a year in the Emmett Technique, a muscle release therapy – a more gentle treatment for muscle pain and discomfort. 

Individual treatment

After a confidential quick chat about you, your lifestyle, your complaints and your history, we can discuss a treatment. Regardless of sex, age or health I can work with you to feel better.

Acupuncture does not hurt – we automatically think of syringes and injections but the needle is actually more fine like a hair. All you feel is a dull ache as the needle is inserted into the skin which usually disappears after 10 mins. After a treatment you can have the desired effects of better sleep, more energy, better digestion and a more relaxed outlook. Occasionally, there are temporary effects such as fatigue, soreness, light headed and emotional releases, all of which I see as a positive because these short term outputs signify a change in the condition.

It is worth noting that a single treatment will not typically have a lasting impact – rather, a series of regular sessions can begin to unblock your energy and address so much more than just pain. Stress and anxiety, hormonal issues and headaches are some of many different issues that I encounter and treat.

Example A – Neck Ache

Client presents with an ache down the side of neck and pain across the top of the shoulder. After a chat we establish they spend a lot of the day at a desk typing, the pain is worse at night, also that they enjoy walking (perhaps that’s something they can focus on more at lunchtimes) In Chinese Medicine I look at the tongue for a diagnosis and take a pulse to look at the quality of the energy flow. Then we agree a seated treatment of needles placed at points on meridians around the hands and feet. At the same time, a Tui Na massage is focused around the neck and shoulders followed by 5 mins of gentle muscle release, a few deep breaths and a check on the positive change in range of movement.

Example B – Back Ache

A regular client has spinal fusions in lower back vertebra. We talk about the pain levels, activities that he has been doing and how he has been managing the pain. A look at his tongue and pulse rate, then I needle along his spine, use Tui Na massage around his shoulders and feet, then take out the needles and do a few muscle releases and a spinal balance. This client has spent the time quietly meditating and relaxing throughout his treatment. I’ll see him next month as the treatment keeps his pain at a manageable level.

Example C – Stomach Pain & Bloating

A client has allergies and sensitivities to certain foods and we use regular treatments to manage flare ups. A brief chat establishes what causes flare up of symptoms, followed by tongue and pulse diagnosis. Lying on the warm treatment table I would do a few abdominal releases and then abdominal acupuncture, placing needles in points around the belly button or sometimes on the limbs. I may do a gentle neck massage whilst client is on the table. Some deep breathing can make a very relaxing treatment.

“I just wanted to drop you an email to let you know how wonderful I was feeling after your treatment yesterday. My shoulder felt a little sore last night, but this morning it feels lighter and moves easily. I can turn my head a little better and I don’t have a headache anymore. Thank you.

I will keep up with your recommendations and stretches as well, promise!

Samantha D

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